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This featured tour is one of our custom tours for
St. Joseph's Hospital. 

Custom Tours feature high-resolution photography, navigation and information "Hot Spots", additional still photos, linkable buttons and hundreds of other features. But most importantly, we can customize the interface to match your company branding.

And all of our tours are mobile-friendly.  Pull out your phone and give one a spin now, while you're thinking about it.

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Post House Virtual Tour
"A tour by any other name is just a slide show."

Virtual has come to mean many things, we believe it means more than just a slide show or video walk-through (though these also have their place.)  Post House Virtual Tours ”the term Thoughtourare much more than that. 

For starters, Post House Virtual Tours are interactive—meaning you, as the viewer, not only control WHAT you see, WHEN you want to see it, but in our tours, you actually determine HOW you see it.

And, Post House Virtual Tours are meant to be seen in full-screen HD.  No video players or extra buttons to push. Just clean, clear high-resolution panoramas and photos on every tour.  And now, they are GPS-enabled for an even greater WOW Factor!  Pull it up on an iPad or tablet and watch what happens when you spin around. 


They’re also fully customizable.  Though our Economy and Basic Tour Packages stick to a simple design, we also offer Advanced, Premiere and Custom Tour Packages to make your tours stand out from the competition.  This is something the one-size-fits-all virtual tour companies can’t offer.

They also can’t offer interactive “Info buttons”, “Multi-Level Floor Plans”, navigational “Hot Spots”, video clips*, or custom URL links to other web sites or landing pages, or the ability to "embed" your tour directly into a page on your own web site.

In addition to the basic features of music and narration, we can also add music and/or narration under individual panoramas, allowing a narrator to explain the features of each room. That--as well as a long list of audio talent and experienced video producers--are things that are simply not available from anyone else. 

Compare the cost of these custom features to the cost of our competition’s template designs, and you’ll see the true value of working with Post House Virtual Tours. Call (715) 858-0454 to order your virtual tour today.

* Some features are not available on all tours.  Call for details.

The Post House Virtual Tour
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